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     "their music transported me to another place...when it stopped I
didn't want to come back again"

It's Gypsy music with attitude.

Monsieur Camembert is a 6-piece band that started to take shape in
December '97 in Sydney's Bondi Beach area.

It features: Accordian
                Nylon string guitars
                 Double Bass
                   Banjo (occasionally) 


UIA function (The band's debut performance was at the biggest sit down
              concert ever held at Darling Harbour-3500 guests!
             How big was the venue? You could have flown an aeroplane 
             around inside it.We even had our own dressing room)

Other venues include: 
Harbourside Brasserie, The Sandringham,3 Weeds,
  The Globe, The Hopetoun, Schiffers,Paddington Markets,
     The pizza shop up the road and mum's back garden.

Artists who have influenced this band:
Les Yeux Noirs
Baro Ferrett (who's nickname was Monsieur Camembert)
Matelo Ferrett
Django Reinhart and Stephane Grappelli
A hundred or so other brilliant Gypsy  musicians
Astor Piazzolo
Tom Waits
Michelle Shocked
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band
After The Fall

Monsieur Camembert is looking forward to working in many different 
spheres from pubs to clubs to private functions to cruises or "house
concerts" to festivals to maybe even a film score.

It is our hope to collaborate with many and varied musicians in
a journey that we hope will have many exhillarating musical highs.

At a gig at the 3 Weeds recently we (and the audience) were treated
to some highs by two special guests that night.
Former opera singer Clive Way sang "If I were a Rich Man" with the 
band, including some pretty impressive footwork and theatrics.
Then a local musician and inventor named Claude took to the stage
with a wierd piece of apparatus called the "Clauditron"(of course).
The sounds that emanated from this control box with gear stick
defy description.They were not of this world.Those not in tears
of laughter sat slack-jawed in stunned amazement.

All I can say is that I hope Claude and Clive become regular vistors
to our gigs..they will always be welcome.

Congratulations! You and others have managed to somehow find this site.Well done. I mean it.

Monsieur Camembert
Email or phone Mark to book us or get gig dates.
phone +61 2 93809388

Or just say hello.

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